DCWV Gratitude giveaway winner

DCWV did a rafflecopter contest about a week ago and the prize was 5 random DCWV gift boxes.   I went ahead and did all the required rafflecopter enteries and went on about my day.  Well Erin posted a new post showing the stack from Joannes so I went to check those out and their was the list of winners for the contest.  I always check just in case a friend wins so they don;t miss out on claiming their winnings.   Imagine my shock when my name was on the list.  So i took a picture of my winnings that arrived yesterday.

photo (13)


DCWV was very genrous.  I got all Christmas themed items so i am good on Christmas paper for a while.  Their an 8 x 8 cardstock stack, a 12 x 12 cardstock stack.  3 different Christmas Pattern stacks, a advent calendar kit, a small box of cards, and some bling. Thank you very much DCWV i am one happy girl.



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